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25 June 1985
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This blog started as a place to post my fanfics... but even now i feel like posting my thoughts and other stuff here... not that there's much of it here now of course. But i think that there will be much soon. So probably there'll be many reviews on films i watch or books i read... or places i got to... even people i meet maybe. Though i doubt I'll have real names here. Don't want personal stuff to interfere.

So, what you probably want to know about me is in a nutshell I'm anglophile at heart if there's such a word. Conseguently I love british eccentricity which i believe is also called english humor. I love british SciFi shows. Hitchhike's Guide To the Galaxy and Doctor Who are my favourites. Also, i absolutely adore West End with it's musicals. The Phantom of the Opera and Joseph and The Amasing Technicolor Dreamcoat are my favourtires.

Well, it may seem like i like everything about Uk. It's not... And not like i don't like where i come from. I love Russia, don't even think otherwise... but that's just that personal stuff i didn't want to come up.

I love watching TV... well.. probably not jsut any TV. i loke watching TV shows like LOst or HEroes ... or Doctor Who... or Merlin. Yeah, quite a few actually. Love reading as well, though I'm not often persistent enough to write a proper review afterwards :)

SO... now about the fics i write. I'm relatively new to Doctor Who. Can you believe that? Well, as it happenes, The classic series have never been shown in my country and the new series are only in it's 3rd season. With AWFUL translation. Anyway, I've watched all 4 doctor who 2005 seasons and specials. Even some of the classic series, though not much.

Now I'm going to say what i like and what i don't like so there are some little spoilers for Journey's end so if you haven't seen it, just dont read. Sorry.

So, I love writing Doctor and Rose. Though, i don't think they could ever get their happy ending in any other way then Journey's end goes. 'Cause, come on! He's a Time Lord! But i still like writing it. And reading.

I like exploring what the Vortex's done to her because, hey, Jack's immortal and Doctor had to regenerate!

I really really love Donna. She's truly brilliant.

Oh, and i like angst. And romance. And adventures. Quite ordinary for a girl, don't you think?

I love multiera stories. Not really when the Doctor meets his other incarnation, but when his companions do. It's a pity i can't do these ones myself. yet.

So, that's it for now i think. Hope you enjoy my writing and hope it gets better in time.

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